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Brand or “No name”: which is better and is it worth paying more?

Everyone knows that people give their preferences in choosing a product not only by its popularity, “Brand Product”, but also acquire the so-called “No name”. In modern society, the attitude when choosing a product is very strong, because the current means of communication can greatly coordinate people's lives. What is a branded product, how does it differ from the cheaper “No name”, what are the risks and benefits, and is the Brand really needed? Let's get it right.

Brand - what is it? Its main purposes.

According to Wikipedia, a Brand, or sometimes a brand (English brand [brænd] "brand") is a complex of representations, opinions, associations, emotions, value characteristics about a product or service in the minds of consumers. The mental shell of a product or service. The brand itself is an abstract name.
A brand, as an association in the minds of the target audience, symbolizes any specific product qualities or characteristics of the product manufacturer itself.

Those. when creating a brand, a large team of diverse specialists is involved who set certain requirements, placing high hopes on the goods of this brand. But are these hopes always justified?

 Do we always overpay for quality?

VERSACE Гиря barocco 10 Кг за € 421.00

Of all the ideas about a branded product as the most expensive, elite and high-quality, only part of it can be confirmed. Also, not always well-known manufacturers have in their assortment only expensive goods. Most companies have groups of goods designed for the average buyer, which are produced in parallel with exclusive models.

The main difference between the brand and the so-called mass “No name” is recognizability, not price and quality at all. Of course, gaining attention and popularity among consumers, especially in the modern world, is not so easy - there is very great competition, great demands on quality, after-sales support and warranty service

But many “high-profile” brands have their own name for a long time, and this name now works for them, making sometimes quite simple products elite. Often the goods of the same quality can be found in the “No name” by unknown manufacturers without overpaying for the brand name.

Brand or “No name”?

We are not entitled to impose our choice on our customers; popular brands have a lot of advantages over new or young companies, but they are not always distinguished by quality, and as a rule, an associative cliché created especially for the consumer. While “No name” can surpass or be no worse than a recognizable specific brand and even be a copy or fake of this group of products.

In any case, the choice will always be the buyer. And only he has the right to decide what he is willing or willing to pay for.

P.S. As examples, I took pictures of VERSACE Kettlebell "barocco" 10 Kg for €421.00 and the popular on the Internet meme about a real producer of goods.

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