The Profi Therm trademark belongs to the Polish company ELEKTRA (Electra). It is a family-owned company and has been operating in the cable and electrical industry since 1985. The company specializes in the production of cable heating systems for residential and office premises. It is a major developer of process support systems for industrial products. It is currently the largest manufacturer of underfloor heating systems in Central Europe. Since the foundation of the company, its main priority in the strategy has been the impeccable quality of products. ELEKTRA sees this as the only way for itself to satisfy its customers and maintain market leadership. The assortment includes heating cables for heating pipelines, snow melting and anti-icing systems for roofs, external stairs, and other external objects.

The main priority of the company from the very beginning was the impeccable quality of its products. This allowed the Electra plant already in 1989 to represent 60% of the Polish market for underfloor heating and to export its products to 5 countries of Eastern Europe - Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia.

In the early 90s. The company entered the markets of the CIS and Ukraine. At that time, such an elite product as warm floors was not yet in great demand among the domestic consumer. But now Profi Therm with underfloor heating products occupies from 5 to 10% of the Ukrainian market of heating cable systems in the middle price category.

Each product name of the brand has certificates of compliance with European and international standards:

  • IQNet;
  • ISO 9001;
  • VDE Underwriters Laboratories (German laboratory standard).

The main strategic direction of the company is the production of heating resistive cables and heating mats based on them. The brand's heating elements are versatile, as they perfectly heat almost any type of coating. For example, a concrete screed or tiles on a special tile adhesive with a heating element installed in its layer.

Technical and operational features of Profi Term products:

  • Ease of installation due to the flexibility and elasticity of the cable, the ability to remember the shape and secure fixation in the system.
  • Pronounced water-repellent properties, which allows the use of a heating cable when pouring a self-leveling screed. The advantage is that when the base floor dries, the cable does not change position and does not deform.
  • Resistance to aggressive action of cement compositions.
  • Operational durability and reliability. The declared service life is 15 years.
  • Using only high quality materials in the manufacture of products.
  • Efficiency - can be used not only as additional, but also as the main heating. Savings are achieved through the use of automatic control using thermostats, as well as directed heat flow.
  • Fast response - the heat begins to be felt immediately after switching on, the exit to the set temperature regime occurs very quickly.
  • Heat accumulation, which is given off for a long time after shutdown.

Price Profi Therm

All products of the company are distinguished by an optimal ratio of price and quality. This is reflected in the democratic prices with high quality products. Thanks to this balance, Profi Therm and the warm floor of this brand are very popular among Ukrainian consumers, installers and builders.

Profi Therm catalog in E-Provod online store

The heating cable and heating mat Profi Term to buy in Kiev and Ukraine in an extended range is offered by the online store E-Provod. All brand products are presented in 4 product categories:

  • Accessories in the form of mounting kits for laying the heating foil.
  • Heating film for laminate, parquet, linoleum, carpet with a strip width of 50, 80, 100 cm.
  • The country of origin is Korea, although the brand is registered in Poland.
  • Heating cable - of different power (140, 210, 270, 355, 455, 530, 630, 725, 900, 1070, 1240, 1450, 1790, 2100, 2600, 3300 W), length, step and heating area. Country of origin - Ukraine based on Polish components and Ukrainian production facilities.
  • Heating mat - produced at a Polish factory, produced with a capacity of 75 to 1800 W for a heating area from 0.5 to 12 m².

If you are looking for underfloor heating systems, want to be sure of its quality and want to purchase a product at an affordable price - contact the E-Provod store and buy heating films, cables and mats from Profi Term.

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