German manufacturer and product originality.

A. Rak Waermetechnik GmbH was founded in 1991 and today has more than 25 years of experience in the production of electric heating cables and mats. The company has offices in 27 countries around the world, and products are sold in 35 countries.

The manufacturer carries out a full technological cycle for the production of heating cables and mats: from extrusion to assembly of products and multi-stage control at three different production stages with a voltage of 4000 Volts, which guarantees the highest degree of reliability and durability. High-tech and temperature-resistant material FEP (Teflon) is used as insulating shells.

Official website:

On all pages of the site, in the upper part you can see the logos of TM EXTHERM and TM ARAK, this confirms that the company manufactures products under the EXTHERM brand.


Representative office in Ukraine.

According to the current contract between the manufacturer A. Rak Waermetechnik GmbH and the Ukrainian company Wellbing LLC, Wellbing LLC officially and exclusively imports to Ukraine products under the EXTHERM TM. Also, according to the contract, the importer retransmits (supports) from the manufacturer a full 20-year warranty for all EXTHERM heating elements on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation.

Website of the Ukrainian representative office:

Wellbing LLC, in agreement with the manufacturer, is the owner of the EXTHERM trademark on the territory of Ukraine. To be precise, the owner of its Ukrainian part, and not the EXTHERM trademark as a whole. The rights to TM EXTHERM are fully owned by the manufacturer - A. Rak Waermetechnik GmbH.


Products TM EXTHERM on the Ukrainian market.

Today, two types of the most popular products are offered for sale: heating mats and heating cables.You can also purchase versatile, economical heating mats and gentle drying mats.



Heating mats - ET ECO series


Heating cables - ETC ECO series


Heating mats


Price policy

EXTHERM products have an optimal price-quality ratio. The range of heating cables and mats is one of the most affordable among European brands in price, and is also made by a German manufacturer from the highest quality materials in compliance with all European standards and requirements.


Warranty and service support

The importer maintains a full 20-year warranty for all EXTHERM heating elements in Ukraine in accordance with the current legislation. According to the current agreements, in Ukraine, the following service companies are engaged in warranty and non-warranty repair of EXTHERM heating elements:


Kiev (and central region):

Kiev, st. Sholudenko, 5, building 7, office 109, WELLBING LLC, tel.: +38 050-398-88-68, e-mail:

Odessa (and southern region):

Odessa, st. Slepneva, 2, WELLBING LLC, tel.: +38 048 734-08-61, tel.: +38 094 998-10-75, tel.: +38 050 333-59-03

Lviv (and western region):

Lviv, avenue Ch.Kaliny, 109, LLC "COMFORT WORLD", tel.: +38 097 268-84-77, tel.: +38 032 240-58-01,

tel.: +38 067 674-26-65

Dnipro (and eastern region)
Dnipro, st. B. Khmelnitsky, 4 office. 54, PE "STROYINDUSTRIYA DNEPR", tel. +38 098 657-31-69,

Tel. +38 066 553-27-33

Departure of engineers for repair and maintenance is carried out throughout Ukraine.

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