Detailed information on the product socket boxes, installation and distribution boxes

Detailed information on the product socket boxes, installation and distribution boxes

Socket boxes as an obligatory element of wiring are indispensable for mounting sockets and switches into walls of various types. In Ukraine, products are used that are unified for the Schuko outlet standard.

What are the socket boxes
The required design, dimensions and material of the installation boxes determine their purpose. They can be round, square (for non-standard mechanisms) or oval (for several places). Most often, the so-called glass for a socket with a diameter of about 65-70 mm is used. According to materials, the lion's share of the assortment is made of plastic (or polypropylene), but there are also metal ones. Therefore, before purchasing, analyze the characteristics of the premises where the work will be carried out, and the way of organizing the wiring. You will need to choose a box according to its spaciousness:

  • single - for one socket or under a switch. Group blocks can be assembled from modular instances. Mounting is carried out using a connecting pipe or connecting connectors (depending on the specific model). Any number of units fit together in a row;
  • double - for two adjacent points;
  • triple - for three places for sockets;
  • for four places in one monolithic case;
  • there are also 5-6-seater buildings, but they are used less often.

A ready-made socket box is much more convenient during the installation process, installation tasks are solved faster with its help. And single modular boxes, which are interconnected, are cheaper than in-line boxes for the same number of places, which saves you money.

According to the method of installation, the socket boxes are basically divided into 2 main groups:

  1. for solid walls (concrete, brick, wooden beams, foam blocks), for fastening to hollow partitions (drywall, chipboard).
  2. There are also built-in and overhead models in the form of a frame (they are used much less often), with and without a cover, supporting combustion and non-combustible.

Socket boxes for installation in a concrete wall
The most popular and massively used options, hidden installation method. First, you need to drill a round recess with a special crown for concrete. A plastic installation box is inserted into the niche. At the finish, the structure is fixed with plaster or other building mixture (the box cannot be displaced until the mortar is completely dry). Installation must be carried out with high quality so that the entire unit is securely fixed.

The depth of standard products is about 40-45 mm. Sometimes it is necessary to install a deep socket in a concrete wall (for example, 62 mm deep) in order to simultaneously mount an additional device: for example, a time relay, a transformer or an impulse relay.

Socket for plasterboard or chipboard
For wiring in walls with voids, specimens are used, equipped with a special fastening mechanism. They are mounted on a vertical surface using metal lugs (or feet). In such cases, monolithic oval plastic products with a predetermined number of places are often used.

Brick wall installation solution
For installation in a brick wall, the same flush-mounted installation boxes are used as for concrete, foam block and any other solid material. These are built-in products, they are mounted in a pre-drilled niche and are fixed after installation with plaster.

What to mount in wood surfaces
It should be noted that in such situations, special non-combustible socket boxes are used: metal (now in little demand) or from heat-resistant plastic. The most reliable non-combustible products are produced by European companies (Germany, Poland). At the same time, do not forget that for thick-walled partitions made of logs, non-combustion models for insertion are suitable, and for chipboard sheets or lining - for fastening with the help of clamping ears.

Quality-to-price ratio
The most affordable installation boxes of Ukrainian production, and you can choose products of quite acceptable quality. The middle price class is represented by well-known brands like IEK and Polish manufacturers (for example, Elektro-Plast), which are distinguished by a large assortment of high-quality socket boxes. German products are rightfully considered premium. It provides the most convenient and fastest installation process. High-quality European socket boxes in terms of ergonomics are thought out to the smallest detail, supplied with clear instructions in the kit and made with jewelry precision.

How to choose and buy a socket box
Specify the place of installation, the dimensions and depth of the already purchased wiring accessories and the type of walls in the room. Calculate how many and what devices you need to install nearby. Analyze how qualified the craftsman will perform the work, and how quickly the result is needed.

Then it will become obvious which and how many installation boxes will be required. For some, the best option is square skirting boards (these are often chosen for office space), others will be helped by monolithic models with several switches, and someone will prefer to save money and combine several single "glasses".

We will offer effective solutions for organizing any electrical wiring. Filter products by characteristics, look at photos, and then place an order for the necessary boxes in 1 click. Or dial any phone number to contact a consultant to clarify the data and choose the most convenient delivery method.


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