Odessa Cable Factory

Odessa Cable Factory

We present to your attention cables products of PJSC "Odeskabel"
For all questions of purchase, availability and relevance of the price, contact our managers. We have a flexible system of discounts. We will be happy to help.


  • Fiber optic cables

  • Modular Fiber Optic Cables

  • Fiber optic cables with center tube

  • Fiber Optic Cables

  • Fiber optic subscriber access cables

  • RF and special cables

  • Interface cables

  • CCTV composite cables

  • Radio-frequency cables for cable, satellite television and video surveillance systems

  • Radio-frequency cables for systems of radio-electronic and antenna-feeder equipment

  • LiYCY Data Cables

  • Speaker cables

  • Cables for the industrial network ProfiBus

  • Alarm System Cables

  • Budget RF and special cables

  • LAN cables

  • Category 7A LAN Cables

  • Category 5E LAN Cables:

  • Category 6 LAN cables:

  • Category 6A LAN Cables:

  • Category 7 LAN cables:

  • Communication cables

  • Mine communication cables

  • Telephone and station communication cables

  • Telephone cables for subscriber access networks

  • High Frequency Communication Cables

  • Alarm & Lock Cables

  • Communication Cables and Wires

  • Heating cables

  • For underfloor heating (underfloor heating)

  • For heating the roof and gutters (anti-icing)

  • For heating outdoor areas (snowmelt)

  • For heating pipes (frost protection)

  • For heating the soil

  • Power cables, wires, cords

  • Power cables with XLPE insulation 6-35 kV

  • Power cables with XLPE insulation up to 1 kV

  • Power cables with PVC insulation up to 0.66-6 kV

  • Self-supporting insulated wires

  • Bare wires

  • Wires and cords

  • Cables and wires for rolling stock

  • Control cables

  • Fire resistant cable

  • Flexible power cable KGNV
  • Cable for solar power plants

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