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Package Length: 100.0 (m)
Manufacturer: ZFNM (Zaporozhye Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals)
Wire type: Connective
Service life for wires used in stationary electrical appliances at least 6 years
Material: Copper
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Cords are designed to connect electrical machines and appliances for household and similar use to the electrical network, for connecting personal hygiene and microclimate devices, electric soldering irons, lamps, kitchen electromechanical appliances, radio electronic equipment, washing machines, refrigerators and other similar devices used in residential and administrative premises , and for the manufacture of extension cords for voltages up to 380 V for systems 380/380 V.

Cords can be used for 300/500 V electrical systems.

The wires are manufactured for operation in areas with moderate and cold (SHVVP -U) climates. The cords are intended for connecting personal hygiene and microclimate devices, electric soldering irons, lamps, kitchen electromechanical appliances, radio electronic equipment, washing machines, refrigerators and other similar devices used in residential and administrative premises, and for the manufacture of extension cords. The cords are flame retardant when laid alone. Cords in climatic version T are resistant to mold fungi.

The service life of the cords is at least 6 years

Electric wire with stranded conductors with polyvinyl chloride insulation.

The abbreviation SHVVP  (H05VVH2-F) stands for CORD, VINYL, VINYL, FLAT.

Indeed, ShVVP wires are most often used as cords for household appliances and various electrical receivers that are not intended to work in one place. At the same time, both the outer and inner insulation of this wire are made of PVC compound, and the wire itself has a flat cross-sectional shape.

The cores of the ШВВП wire are flexible stranded copper, the wires of which are twisted in a spiral, keep a round shape and covered with a thin layer of insulation, which has one of the colors specified in international standards. These are the traditional brown, blue and yellow-green colors. The arrangement of the cores in the SHVVP cable is in-line, strictly parallel to each other in the same plane - together with the flexibility class of the cores equal to 5, this makes the SHVVP wires one of the most flexible among those produced by the Russian industry.

Due to the relatively short service life of ballscrew wires (6 years for portable electrical receivers and 10 years for stationary ones) and the low strength of their external insulation, it is not recommended to mount such a wire as part of a hidden electrical wiring.

The cross-sections of the conductors of the ballscrew wire are usually small - after all, they are designed to provide power to low-power consumers. The standard size of the section can be 0.5; 0.75; 1.0; 1.5; 2.5 and 4 sq. mm. In this case, the number of cores can be 2 and 3, therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to use this wire in a five-wire circuit for three-phase consumers. The purpose of the ShVVP wires is two and three-wire single-phase circuits with voltage up to 380 V.

Unfortunately, in terms of their ability to withstand mechanical loads and deformations, ballscrew wires are very far from the PVA brand. This must be taken into account when installing household electrical appliances and using extension cords equipped with a ballscrew wire. Avoid any shock, stretching or other mechanical stress on the wire.


  1. Conductive copper flexible conductor, class 5. The cross-section of the cores is 0.5–6 mm2, the number of cores is 2-3;
  2. Insulation made of PVC compound with a distinctive color. One of the conductors is a green-yellow ground conductor. Insulated conductors are parallel to each other;
  3. The sheath is made of PVC compound. The cords are made in various sheath colors.

Technical and operational characteristics

Cable operating temperature from -25 °C
Long-term permissible core heating temperature during operation +70 °C
Face-to-face length of cables by agreement
Lifetime at least 6 years
Warranty period 2 years
Cords are supplied in coils or on wooden drums
Fire safety characteristic

The cords belong to the class of resistant to flame propagation, provided they have a single laying according to DSTU 4809.

Classification designation of the cable as required by fire safety
  • ШВВП - ПБ100000000

Normative documents

  • GOST 7399-97
  • TU U 31.3-31549003-017: 2009
  • DSTU IEС 60227-5: 2004


Package Length: 100.0 (m)
Manufacturer: ZFNM (Zaporozhye Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals)
Producing country: Ukraine
Cable construction Flexible
Packaging Bay
Weight: 0.1196 (kg / m)
Number of cores 2
Guarantee period : 2 years

Аdditional characteristics

Wire type: Connective

Main characteristics

Service life for wires used in stationary electrical appliances at least 6 years
Material: Copper

Design features and functional features

Core cross section 4,0
Isolation available Yes
Insulation material polyvinyl chloride compound
Sheath material polyvinyl chloride compound
Outside diameter 5,8х10,0
Twisted veins Yes

Physical Characteristics:

Minimum working temperature -25.0°С
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