Power supplies in a plastic case 12V

Power supplies in a plastic case 12V

Buy 12V power supply for LED strip in Ukraine
For the most common 12 V LED lamps, we offer all types of power converters. Choose switching power supplies for unstable voltage networks, sealed for high humidity conditions, or classic plastic models for everyday household use.

Power supply unit for LED strip 12 Volt - selection rules
Installing the optimal converter takes 5-10 minutes. A properly sized power supply is resistant to power surges and has a long service life.

In order for the power supply unit you bought for the 12 Volt LED strip to serve for a long time, to please you with high-quality lighting, you must choose a specific model taking into account all the features. Before buying, please pay attention to the following points:

Body material. For small LED-elements with direct connection to the outlet, compact converters in a plastic case have been created. They are not designed for heavy loads and are ideal for balconies, kitchens or living quarters. The metal case provides additional protection against moisture, dust and atmospheric agents. Small holes in the metal provide additional ventilation and cooling of the working structure, which is so necessary when using belts on an industrial scale.

A type. Semi-open or perforated models are installed indoors where contact with water and other liquids is excluded. In contrast to them, sealed elements are installed in streets, squares, parks, swimming pools and saunas. The special design of the housing prevents moisture from entering and protects the contacts from the deposition of dust particles.

Power. The online store offers devices of various capacities. If the recommended parameters are indicated on your diode strip, you can immediately select the required conversion device. If there are no such recommendations, it is enough to know the power and footage of the tape. To calculate the power, it is necessary to multiply the parameters for the tape by each other and by the safety factor, which is 1.25 (tape power * length in meters * 1.25).

Degree of protection. It depends on the degree of protection in which rooms it is best to install the unit and how often it needs to be cleaned of dust accumulations. For this, each device has a special label that corresponds to the international data classification for electrical appliances. For plastic models, these are IP44 and IP54 - the devices are protected from large and small dust particles, do not be afraid of splashing water, ideal for indoor and outdoor installation. Perforated systems with an IP20 mark are absolutely not adapted to the effects of water and only catch large particles of small debris on the surface. For the installation of such systems, special boxes are used. Closing generators IP 67 are completely protected from dust ingress, are not afraid of moisture and can be immersed in water for a short time, without damage to their work.

How much does a 12V power supply for LEDs cost depends on the above parameters. Write to our managers to find the best option.

12 Volt Power Supply for LED Strip - Same Day Shipping
Order a 12 volt LED strip power supply for personal and corporate use. We have prepared special offers for wholesale buyers. The purchase of the necessary equipment takes only 5-7 minutes. All you need is to select products, add them to the cart, indicate the current contact information and confirm the order to our manager.

Within a few days you will receive your purchase in the indicated locality

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