Sealed power supply 12V

Sealed power supply 12V

Sealed power supply for LED strip - purpose and scope
LED strips cannot operate from a network with a voltage of 220 V. Therefore, a special voltage converter was created for them - a sealed power supply for the LED strip. It is ideal for use in home, outdoors, shops, restaurants, swimming pools.

LED power supply - 5 rules of choice
You can buy a suitable power supply for led strip from us. To make the purchase as useful and enjoyable as possible, we have collected 5 basic rules for choosing:

Attention to operating voltage. For most LED strips, 12 volts is sufficient. This is a common parameter that must be considered when calculating power. Some elements require 24V voltage. To select the correct device, always check the operating voltage data.

Buy a power supply for LED along with LED strip. For those who are just thinking about purchasing LED products, it is more profitable to buy a kit. This will simplify the device selection process. When choosing lighting elements, you can contact our manager, who will tell you which converter is best suited for the selected product.

Calculate the power correctly. If you already have led lighting, it remains to choose a device of a certain power for them. The definition of this parameter is quite simple, you need to know the characteristics plus a small margin to prevent emergencies. The power of the unit is recognized by the formula (lamp length * LED power * safety factor). If there are no models on the site for the resulting value (for example, you need a 72 W device, only 60 W and 80 W are available), always choose a device with a higher power. Additional headroom is especially important in case of voltage surges.

Easy to attach. Convenience of fastening is one of the important parameters for choosing any block. When installing backlighting on small objects (license plates, bicycles), small, inconspicuous systems are chosen; for street lighting, where it is not required to save space as much as possible, oblong models are ideal, which are easy to mount on walls, fences, and roofs.

Cost of equipment. We have presented models of budgetary and more expensive models, and they are available to every buyer. Professional converters are more expensive, but they are designed for street lighting of large objects.

If you have any problems with choosing, just contact our manager for advice and a specialist will help you choose the required model.

Power supply for LED - features of operation
Each sealed led power supply has a high degree of dust and moisture protection IP67. According to the international classification of electrical appliances, sealed converters are completely protected from dust entering the device. Another important advantage is that they are not afraid of water drops, splashes, they can withstand short-term immersion in water (less than 30 minutes) to a depth of 1 m.

These models are specially designed for outdoor use, regardless of weather conditions. Classic LED lighting and a sealed type LED power supply are often used for:

vehicle lighting - buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles;

street fairs, holidays;

creating stand-alone signage lighting;

lighting of buildings around the perimeter;

designation of driveways, private houses;

summer verandas of cafe-restaurants;

creating a cozy atmosphere in parks, suburban complexes, gazebos, gardens.

Transmitters with a high degree of protection are installed indoors with high humidity and a high probability of water ingress on the device: water parks, swimming pools, showers, saunas, medical health centers, bathrooms.

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