Leaky power supply 12 V

Leaky power supply 12 V

Switching power supply 12 V: what to look for
The 12 V perforated switching power supply is a special type of converter that not only generates a constant voltage, but also generates pulses to further protect the device. It is ideal for installation in garages, living quarters, cafés, restaurants, technical premises.

Perforated power supply - choosing the best model
Switching power supplies are ideal for unstable voltage networks. Jumps and jumps lead to minor damage to the device or completely disable it. This is especially true in homes with old wiring and unstable power supplies.

To make your purchase as comfortable and useful as possible, we have collected the main parameters that must be considered before buying a switching power supply:

Power. When choosing a specific model, be guided by the led strip that is used. The calculation of the power source of electricity is based on the power and length of the tape. Don't forget to add extra headroom for optimal performance in unstable networks.

Cooling. Any inverter heats up during operation. To prevent reaching a critical temperature and failing the device, passive or active cooling is used. The perforated power supply is the basis of the passive cooling system, when air flows inside, cooling all parts. For high-power systems to work, passive cooling is not enough. In such cases, fans are installed that actively cool the elements of the system. The only relative disadvantage of such models is the increase in price due to the additional element.

Degree of protection. A 12 volt switching power supply is installed indoors. For installation, special boxes and shields are often used, which prevent moisture and dust from entering the device. The standard degree of protection of perforated transducers, according to the international classification, is IP20. This means that fine dust can collect inside. The converters are afraid of water - even a small amount getting inside leads to malfunctions of the device and can cause a short circuit.

Price. On our site you will find discounted devices that the owner of any LED lamps can afford. After all, we make our own products. The cost depends on the voltage, power and cooling characteristics.

The switching power supply combines the functions of a standard converter and a voltage stabilizer. Thanks to this, the need to purchase additional protective devices (stabilizers) disappears.

Where to use switching power supplies?
Due to the fact that the impulse power supply retains small particles of debris and is absolutely not adapted to the ingress of moisture and water, it can only be installed indoors. It is best to use a special box - additional protection against dust. Otherwise, the unit must be cleaned every few weeks.

Most often used:

  • for highlighting kitchen work surfaces;
  • when installing stretch ceilings;
  • when equipping functional balconies and storage rooms;
  • to create a special atmosphere in the nursery;
  • for decorating photo studios;
  • in offices for space zoning;
  • when lighting banquet halls, cafés, restaurants.

You can order functional LED lighting and a powerful converter for it on our website. Write to our managers to receive detailed information on the choice of equipment and sending goods across Ukraine or receiving them at a warehouse in Nikolaev and Kiev. All goods are covered by a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months. One-click payment, cash and non-cash forms of payment are available.

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