Electric heat-insulated floor WOKS

Electric heat-insulated floor WOKS

Heating cable for tiles

Woks 18 is a two-core heating cable with a solid aluminum shield. Its specific power is 18 W / m (230V ~), nomenclature: 24 positions, lengths from 6 to 162 meters. Designed for rooms where space-saving is important, therefore it fits into a thin layer of tile glue and allows you to heat the floor surface to a temperature of 40 °C.

Woks 18 is compatible with any thermostats designed to control the operation of underfloor heating. Has a cold end 3 meters long for connection to a thermostat or other switching device. The power of this device must not be less than the power of the connected heating cable.



Woks 18 Cable Specifications

Heating cable type two-core with screen
Rated voltage 230 В~ 
Specific power 18 W / m at 230 V ~
16.5 W / m at 220 V ~
Cable thickness 3.5 mm
Minimum bending diameter 3 cm
Cold end 3 m, 3 x 1.0 mm2
Internal insulation Arnitel ® С
Screen solid aluminum
Earth conductor copper 0.5 mm2
Cable sheath Lead free PVC, orange
Heat resistance of the shell 125 °C (class E)
Cable strength 600 N / 120 H compression / extension
Protection class against water IP X7
Electric shock protection class I+
Minimum installation temperature - 5°С
Resistance tolerance + 10% ... - 5%
Length tolerance + 2% + 10 cm ... - 2% - 10 cm
Certificate of conformity TÜV NORD
ISO 9001 certificate TÜV SÜD
Marking CE
Guarantee 20 years


 The design service life is 70 years


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