Fenix heating mat

Fenix heating mat

Mats - direct heating systems

Heating mats are placed directly under the tile in a thin layer of elastic mastic. They are easy to install and, in combination with a proper control system, ensure economical operation. Suitable for basic heating systems and for comfortable floor heating systems.


From a functional point of view, there is no difference between the circuit and the heating mat: in essence, the heating mat is a heating cable tied to the supporting fabric. These products differ from each other only in the way of laying. Laying the contour is more flexible, but more difficult in relation to work. Mats are laid easily and are characterized by uniform heat transfer. But mats are best laid on flat surfaces.

Direct heaters are among the most common heating methods. Suitable for basic heating systems and for comfortable floor heating systems. The heating mat is placed directly under the upper deck, usually in an elastic screed or in a self-leveling coating. Use the cables with the smallest diameter and the lowest linear power consumption so that the loop pitch is as small as possible and the floor is heated evenly. The advantage of this system is ease of installation and flexibility in operation.

For direct heating we offer heating mats with self-adhesive tapes LDTS and LD, self-adhesive mats LSDTS and ultra-thin CM mats. DIY mounting ECOFLOOR ComfortMat. The kit includes everything that is necessary for installation of the "warm floor" system.

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