Grayhot Heating Mats

Grayhot Heating Mats

Heating mat GrayHot is an innovative product of PJSC "Odeskabel".

GrayHot is a completely new innovative underfloor heating from the leader of cable products, the Odeskabel plant. Thanks to new technologies, the use of Ukrainian components, and optimization of the inventory (sections of the GreyHot cable are used for the production of heating mats), an excellent combination of price and quality was achieved.

GrayHot has absolutely reliable, one might say, anti-vandal clutches, similar to Woks, which are difficult to damage even with a hammer.

Warranty for the GrayHot cable and mats is 15 years from the Ukrainian plant of the manufacturer PJSC "Odeskabel".

Designed for comfortable and basic heating of residential, work and public premises. Gray Hot - The heating mat is a thin resistive cable woven into a plastic mesh. The main advantage of the mat is its convenient installation, can be easily placed on the heating area and hidden under a thin layer of tile adhesive.

For ease of installation, the most demanded power of 150 W / m2 is produced in the form of a heating mat (cable on a net). Such a mat can be laid at a depth of 16 mm from the floor surface, or more.

Those who choose the Gray Hot cable do not need to worry about changing the laying pitch depending on the presence of thermal insulation. The floor will be warm in any case, and thermal insulation will simply reduce its loss.

Despite the small size of the heating cable (the average diameter of the Gray Hot is 5 mm), it has a high heat transfer due to the new design and the use of special materials.

The Gray Hot nomenclature has only 15 different cables, and for the production of another underfloor heating, such as Woks, 40 types of cable are needed. This circumstance has significantly reduced the manufacturing time and reduced the production cost.

The Gray Hot heating cable has a continuous protective shield and a symmetrical temperature field. All products are IPX7 waterproof. 15-year warranty.

The GRAYHOT heating mat is a European quality at an affordable price.

A kind of heating mats GrayHot for warm floor

Vendor code

Mat length,
0.5 m wide

Rated electrical

resistance, Ohm

Power, W Area, m2
0919021 1,2 529 92 0,6
0919022 1,8 376 129 0,9
0919023 2,6 261 186 1,3
0919024 3,7 178 273 1,9
0919025 4,6 140 345 2,3
0919026 5,8 109 444 2,9
0919027 6,8 97,1 498 3,4
0919028 7,6 84,7 571 3,8
0919029 10,2 64,4 752 5,1
0919030 11,8 54,6 886 5,9
0919031 14,2 45,3 1068 7,1
0919032 16,2 39,7 1219 8,1
0919033 20,4 31,6 1531 10,2
0919034 23,0 28,1 1725 11,5
0919035 25,6 25,1 1929 12,8

To save energy, it is better to use a programmable thermostat.

Main characteristic
Manufacturer Odeskabel
Manufacturer country Ukraine
Heating cable type Resistive
Maximum power 15.0 (W / m)
Number of cores 2
Shielded cable Yes
Mains voltage 220 ~ 240V
Frequency 50 Hz
Cable diameter 5 mm
Maximum working temperature 90.0º C
Insulation PVC
Area of ​​application of the heating cable Warm floor
Guarantee period 180 months
Custom characteristics
Cable type



Screen aluminum foil
Resistance deviation tolerance -5% +10%
Design heating mat
Cold end length 2,5 m
Mat thickness 5 mm
Application area

warm floor under the tiles,
warm floor without screed
in tile adhesive

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