Hemstedt Heating CABLE / MAT

Hemstedt Heating CABLE / MAT

Electric underfloor heating - the technology of the future

Regardless of how the new energy policy for the transition to alternative energy sources is implemented in different countries, one thing is clear: there is a clear trend towards the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. And, as a rule, these sources generate electricity! And this makes the electric floor heating even more attractive. Underfloor heating has many advantages.

Fast direct heating with thin-layer underfloor heating

Thin-layer heating mats are installed directly under the floor covering. This means that when you turn on the underfloor heating system, after a few minutes, a pleasant radiant heat begins to be felt, evenly distributed throughout the room. This “direct reaction” of underfloor heating to thin-layer heating mats results in shorter warm-up times and therefore lower energy consumption.

Electric floor heating system for any floor covering
In the Hemstedt product range you will find underfloor heating systems for all types of flooring. Whether it is carpet, laminate, parquet, tile or natural stone. In addition, Hemstedt uses the unique HEM technology, which provides a sleeveless connection of heating and cold cables in Hemstedt underfloor heating systems and is completely waterproof. In this case, the heating cable has the same thickness along its entire length. This simplifies the installation of underfloor heating systems and minimizes floor heights, making Hemstedt underfloor heating an ideal choice, for example, when retrofitting old buildings.

Healthy warmth from below provided by a modern underfloor heating system

Even the Romans and the great Mongol emperor Genghis Khan knew what a beneficial effect a warm floor has on a person. Today, each of us can take advantage of these benefits. Children can play freely while sitting on the floor, and we can all just walk barefoot around the house - this calms and relaxes our feet, allowing us, at least for a while, to take a break from the high pace of life. Since modern underfloor heating systems, unlike previously used ones, do not heat the floor surface above 26 degrees, less dust is transferred from the floor surface into the room air, which favorably distinguishes them against the background, for example, of radiators and other household heating devices that create much greater "suction effect" due to their significantly higher operating temperature. In addition, the underfloor heating system provides a lower humidity level directly at the floor covering, thereby reducing the spread of mold and dust mites. At the same time, the electric underfloor heating system is of particular importance as it allows more efficient and faster temperature control compared to other more traditional underfloor heating systems.

Thanks to the underfloor heating system, you have at your disposal all the space of your house or apartment

An important factor in favor of a warm floor, which you should always remember: there is no need to install heating devices. No matter how compact, low or thin they are, they necessarily take up some part of the space. And so if you later want to re-plan your living space in some other way, you will in any case have to take into account the restrictions imposed by the location of radiators or other household heating appliances. choice.

Underfloor heating for increased safety in any application
Underfloor heating is suitable not only for living rooms, but especially for bathrooms. Underfloor heating can create a pleasant climate much faster, which provides a comfortable feeling, and the moisture on the floor dries out very quickly, thus ensuring greater safety.

The heating elements, offered in the form of spirals and meters, allow you to create any surface configuration, thanks to which floor heating can be easily installed in corners as well as in very small rooms.

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