Shtoller heating cables and mats

Shtoller heating cables and mats

SH-EC heating mats are ideal for underfloor heating in rooms with limited floor height.

Constructive advantages of Shtoller heating systems.

1. The cable is sewn to the mes

In Shtoller heating mats, the cable is tightly sewn to the nylon mesh along its entire length. This solution eliminates the displacement of the heating cable during installation, which can lead to contact of the heating element with itself and failure.

2. Multi-core heating core construction in all Shtoller system

Underfloor heating Shtoller (Stoller) has a multi-core design of the heating core (7 cores for each conductor, evenly twisted together), unlike competitors, many of which produce cables with MONO core construction. The multi-core heating core makes the cable more flexible and eliminates the appearance of micro cracks on the surface of the metal heating core at the cable bend points during long-term heating and cooling cycles.

3. Internal insulation - Teflon
All Shtoller cable products are internally insulated with Teflon that can withstand temperatures of 200-220 °C. Teflon of FEP brand is used - the optimal solution.
This means that overheating, and therefore failure, is not terrible for such a cable.

4. The shield is made of copper

In the classic Shtoller heating mats, STM brand, the shielding braid is made in the form of a high density tinned copper "stocking".

5. Increased power per square mete

Shtoller STM and SH-EC heating mats are available in 160W / m² and 180W / m² in the Shtoller Ecotherm range. That is, on average, more than analogues on the market. This way your floors will heat up much faster. Please do not confuse increased power and accelerated heating with increased energy consumption. More power per square meter has no effect on your electricity bill. When using underfloor heating with a capacity of 100 W / m² and 200 W / m², in both cases the electricity bill will be the same, only in the second case the warm floor will heat the floor surface faster.
In addition, the increased power of Shtoller Ecotherm mats allows them to be installed in cold rooms (balconies, first floors of buildings, etc.)

6. Both cores are heating

All Shtoller mats and cables are two-core, but that's not all ... Both cores are heating. This technical solution makes it possible to distribute the specific power per linear meter between two conductors. This extends the life of the cable because only half of the load is carried by each core.


  •  Power, at a voltage of 230 V - 180 W / m²
  •  Internal insulation material - FEP (Teflon)
  •  Outer insulation material - PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
  •  Material of the protective screen - aluminum foil
  •  Cold end length - 3 m.
  •  Heating cable diameter - 3.0 mm.
  •  Maximum operating temperature of the outer casing - 80 °C
  •  Glue-based mesh
  •  Packaging - transparent sealed plastic bag + cardboard box

Heating cable construction:

Конструкция нагревательного кабеля: Shtoller

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