Nexans Heating CABLE

Nexans Heating CABLE

Heating cables, series resistance

Series resistance heating cables and -mats from Nexans are ideal for comfort heating in all room types.

The cables are also ideal for snow melting and frost protection etc. outdoors.

The heating cable elements have a linear output of 10 or 17 W/m and are delivered as single or twin conductor elements. The heating mats, which all are twin conductors, have a defined area output in addition to linear output.

In addition to this we offer heating cable on drum, which can be customized to fit almost any indoor or outdoor application. All our heating cable elements are equipped with a unique factory-made splice between the hot and cold part of the cable.

Heating cables, self limiting

Self-limiting heating cables have different linear output dependent on the surrounding temperature. These cables can not overheat, and are suitable for frost protection of pipes, roof gutters and drains, temperature maintenance etc. Some types are approved for internal installation in drinking water pipes.

Nexans can offer a range of self-limiting heating cables which will cover the needs in most non-industrial applications.

DEFROST PIPE is recommended for frost protection of water pipes, tanks, roof gutters and drains. Many people have experienced blockage or maybe even leakage due to frozen water pipes. DEFROST WATER will prevent this in a safe, durable and reliable way. Remember that a water pipe with a surrounding temperature of 0 °C or lower will freeze at some point no matter how well it is isolated. The only way to prevent this is to supply energy to the pipe. This is easily done by heating the pipe with a self limiting heating cable.

Frost protection of roof gutters and drains is not only practical and economic. It is also a matter of safety for people on the ground. At temperatures around 0 °C blocks of ice which can fall down from the roof or block the drains can be formed. DEFROST PIPE 20 is especially suitable to prevent this, and may be regarded as a universal cable for this field of use.

DEFROST WATER is developed for internal installation in drinking water pipes. The outer sheath is watertight, and is approved by the authorities for this use. That means that the outer sheath material will not emit harmful substances, taste or odor to the water.

The water heater is some times placed far from the water tap. The waiting time for the water to get hot can be perceived as low comfort. It can also lead to a higher consumption of water. WARM WATER PIPE self limiting heating cable is suitable to keep the water at a temperature of approx. 55 °C. The self limiting properties of self limiting heating cables will always prevent the cables from overheating.

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