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History of creation

The issue of heating is one of the most important for the survival of the individual and society as a whole. Since ancient times, little has changed, except for firewood for coal. But since the second mid-19th century, a lot has changed: fireplaces were replaced by radiators, and with the extraction of oil, gas boilers appeared, which still provide central and individual heating.

Electricity became widespread, and with it the cable industry. They knew that by conducting current the wire was heated: Edison invented a light bulb, Tesla carried out his crazy experiments, and the British first transferred the telegraph to India, and then transferred it to telephone mode. In 1926, a patent application was filed for a ground heating wire - a prototype of a modern heating cable, but until the end of the 20th century, heating cables were not widely used in everyday life. Everything changed when we thought about ecology.

For more rational use - to compensate for the nighttime drop in electricity consumption, the EU countries introduced a "night tariff" - 30% of the day. It turned out that a heating cable laid in a screed is the best suited for heating concrete, accumulates heat during the night, and gives it away during the day. This method is called heat storage heating. In Germany, a number of standards were developed that described the use of concrete, flooring and thermal insulation materials in the design and manufacture of such heating. In Ukraine, the active introduction of cable heating was carried out by Ph.D. D.I. Rozinsky

In 2005, at its production facilities, the Odeskabel plant, with the active assistance of Director General Iorgachev D.V. and the participation of V.V. Oksak, a leading specialist in special types of cables. launched mass production of heating cables. These cables were used within the framework of the state program for the introduction of heat storage heating in children's and school institutions of the Khmelnitsky region.

In 2011, on the basis of the existing heating cable, a new one was developed, in which materials that are safe for both consumers and plant employees were used. This cable is now known under the Woks trademark, the rights to it belong to Odeskabel PJSC.


















PJSC Odeskabel: production of underfloor heating Woks


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