Single Phase Stabilizer Eleks

Single Phase Stabilizer Eleks

Explanation of ELEKS stabilizer models using Ampere 9-1 / 25A 2.0v as an example:

  • Ampere - the name of a series of triac stabilizers
  • 9 - number of stabilization steps
  • 1 - single-phase type of stabilizer
  • 25A - stabilizer power in Amperes
  • 2.0v - firmware version and stabilizer modifications

Buy single phase voltage regulator
Today, under the ELEX ENGINEERING trademark, more than 60 models of voltage stabilizers are produced to protect a single-phase load from instability in the mains.

A single-phase connection implies that the alternating current from the power input (shield, pole, substation) is transferred to the load in the office or apartment via two wires - phase and zero. The voltage between these wires is 220V.

The range of single-phase stabilizers of our company includes 5 series, each of which has its own characteristics and characteristics: Hybrid V2.0, Ampere V2.0, Ampere-Duo V2.0, Hertz-Duo V3.0 and Hertz V3.0. You can choose and buy a single-phase voltage stabilizer directly from the manufacturer on our website. Prices for single-phase voltage stabilizers for the home will depend on the selected series and model parameters.

A distinctive feature of the Hybrid is, on the one hand, its simplicity and low price, and on the other, the highest reliability of the switching unit of the transformer windings - relay-triac group, which, by using the patented technology to protect relay contacts from burning, increases their switching resource by several times. Analogue stabilizers of this principle of action today does not exist on the Ukrainian market.

The Hybrid series includes 2 types of models - at 7 and 9 stages of stabilization.

Features of Hybrid 7 are as follows:

the minimum voltage at which the stabilizer will still work is 130V, and the maximum is 295V;
stabilization range of low-power models from 145 to 275V and 135-275V for models from 5 to 18kW;
stabilization accuracy - 7.5% or 220 ± 15V;
circuit breaker on the display panel with protection against short circuit;
response rate to network fluctuations - 100ms;
LED display showing input and output voltage, mains frequency, temperature inside the stabilizer, as well as extended service information;
single-speed active ventilation device;
the possibility of bi-directional transmission of electricity;
connecting models up to 16A to the network through a plug and socket, and the remaining models (25-80A) use a terminal block for this;
2 year warranties or 200 thousand switching operations on the built-in meter.
Hybrid 9 is identical, but has some differences, namely:
cut-off thresholds 110V minimum and 325V maximum for models 5-18kW and 130 / 310V for models up to 3.5 kW;
stabilization within 135-315V for powerful models and 145-300V for low-power;
electronic bypass mode (transit) on 25-80A models.
These models can be recommended for installation in a country house, in a vestibule, in a garage, in a workshop, and to protect a household network that does not require stabilization with high accuracy.

The stabilizers of this series use triacs and thyristors as a power switch, which positively affects the reaction speed and noiselessness when switching and is an important criterion especially if the installation location is an apartment. Ampere's popularity is due to the presence of features and capabilities that are inherent in flagship models, but at a very affordable cost when compared with similar models in the market.

Ampere stabilizers are represented by models at 9, 12 and 16 stages of stabilization.

Common characteristics for the entire household series are:

models from 10 to 40A are triac, and from 50A and above - thyristor;
the presence of a bypass mode (bypass) for all models except 10 and 16A;
wall-mounted housing;
step-by-step cooling system;
response speed - up to 20ms;
display on the screen of the basic data on the work: voltage, current, power, frequency, temperature;
input filter from high-frequency distortion on the line;
connection of models 25-80A is terminal, and up to 16A - through a plug and an outlet;
7 year warranty.
Features of Amp 9:
shutdown thresholds 135 and 285V;
stabilization in the range of 160-260V;
the error during stabilization is not more than 4.5%.
Features of Ampere 12 and Ampere-T 16 (accurate):
shutdown voltage 100 and 295V;
the error of 3.5% (12 steps) and 2.7% (16 steps) in the range of 145-275V;
the ability to manually adjust the lower cut-off threshold of 60-135V.
Features of Ampere-R 16 (advanced):
the minimum cut-off threshold is 90V, and the maximum is 295V;
stabilization error 3.5% in the range of 120-275V;
the lower shutdown threshold is also adjustable in the range of 60-135V.
The stabilizers of this series are bought for installation in an apartment, in a private house, in shops, cafes, as well as to normalize the operation of boiler equipment and pumping equipment.

The models of this series are already positioned as stabilizers of the middle-up category due to expanded functionality and a more detailed design study. As in the previous series, the triac type triac for models with power up to 9 kW, and thyristor - from 11 kW and above.

Common features of these series are:

number of steps - 16;
dual LED-screen with the function of simultaneously displaying the parameters of the stabilizer;
linear LED bar showing which

current load on the stabilizer;
RF input / output chokes;
manual voltage adjustment 200-230V for demanding equipment;
minimum threshold of shutdown is regulated in the range of 60-135V;
reaction speed - 20ms;
the ability to work in transit mode (bypass);
the ventilation system has 2 cooling speeds;
wall mounting with a removable mounting strip.
Amper Duo has the following features:
operation range from 100 to 295V;
stabilization range from 145 to 275V;
stabilization error - 2.7%;
4 year warranties.
Features of Hertz-Duo:
shutdown thresholds 100 and 280V;
stabilization in the range of 150-260V;
stabilization error - 2.3%;
7 year warranties.
Stabilizers of this series are recommended for installation in a private house, office, hotel, workshop, as well as for equipment with a power requirement of 230V.

For customers demanding more accuracy and additional functionality, our company specialists have developed a single-phase Hertz V3.0 premium voltage stabilizer. This product is optimally suited for high-precision and sensitive equipment that responds to the slightest voltage fluctuations.

Features of Hertz V3.0:
wide range of capacities from 5 to 27 kW;
load cut-off thresholds - 100V minimum and 280V maximum;
stabilization with a minimum error in the range of 150-260V;
accuracy of 2.3% and 1% at 16 and 36 steps, respectively;
RF filtering of input and output interference;
for equipment requiring 230V there is a function for adjusting 200-230V at the output;
when working with equipment with high starting currents there is the possibility of adjusting the lower threshold of 60-135V;
simultaneous display on the screen of the main operating parameters;
event memory with displaying them in the system menu;
storage of voltage and stabilizer load graphs in the memory for a day for 2 weeks;
the ability to smoothly adjust the brightness of the display;
the presence of an audio beeper overload before shutting down;
menu in Ukrainian / Russian / English;
Warranty period of 7 years.
This series can be recommended for installation at home, in an apartment, office, clinic, as well as in other places with equipment that requires high accuracy of voltage stabilization.

You can choose a voltage stabilizer according to your parameters and order in our official online store from the manufacturer. Delivery of a single-phase voltage stabilizer in Ukraine is free.

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