Eleks Ampere v2.0

Eleks Ampere v2.0
  • highly reliable transformer key management;
  • minimum possible reaction time to a change in input voltage;
  • silent power toroidal transformer;
  • increased accuracy of stabilization of the output voltage;
  • does not distort the shape of the output voltage;
  • low idle power consumption;
  • two-speed intelligent control of the cooling system using a powerful needle cooler for keys and fans;
  • adjustment of the cut-off threshold for the minimum short-term input voltage of 60-135 V;
  • use of a switching power supply;
  • high-precision RMS measurement of input voltage;
  • presence of a network analyzer and stabilizer state;
  • the use of high-performance ARM microcontroller control;
  • the ability to work from benzo / diesel generator sets;
  • the presence of electronic bypass ("transit" mode);
  • input voltage control in transit mode;
  • key protection system and transformer from overheating;
  • execution of the stabilizer according to the autotransformer circuit without galvanic isolation;
  • the presence of an input choke to suppress high-frequency interference from the mains;
  • the presence of input and output varistors to protect against impulse noise;
  • automatic disconnection of the consumer load when a dangerous undervoltage or overvoltage appears at the stabilizer input and automatic return to working state after voltage normalization;
  • automatic disconnection of consumer load during overload or short circuit due to the use of a circuit breaker with a B-characteristic of electromagnetic protection;

the presence of an extended digital display on the stabilizer control panel:
- input and output voltage, V;
- input current, A;
- full power, kVA
- network frequency, Hz;
- temperature of input and output keys, transformer;
- the number of shutdowns at the maximum voltage;
- the number of shutdowns due to overheating;
- the amount of activation of the key protection;
- key numbers included;
- software version of the control board and indicator;
- display of an error code in case of emergency.


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